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HAS Reimbursement Decisions Database

The searchable, online version of the HAS Decisions database is currently being populated with all existing recommendations and during this time is available without registration. For custom analyses, please contact us.

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Brand Name Generic Name Manufacturer Body System/ Condition Indication SMR ASMR Resolution Date
XTANDI  Enzalutamide  Astellas Pharma SAS  Oncology   Prostate cancer  Important  III  2013-11-20 
Afinitor  Everolimus  Novartis Pharma  Oncology   Neuroendocrine tumours  Important  IV  2012-03-28 
Afinitor  Everolimus  Novartis Pharma  Oncology   Renal cell carcinoma  Important  IV  2010-01-13 
Perjeta  Pertuzumab  Roche  Oncology   Breast cancer  Important  III  2013-07-24 

Records 1 to 4 of 4

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