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NICE Reimbursement Decisions Database

The searchable, online version of the NICE Decisions database is currently being populated with all existing recommendations and during this time is available without registration. For custom analyses, please contact us.

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Brand Name Generic Name Manufacturer Body System/ Condition Indication Recommendation Summary Date Recommend-
ation Issued
Zaltrap  Aflibercept  Sanofi  Oncology  Colorectal cancer  Not Recommended  2014-03-25 
Xalkori  Crizotinib  Pfizer  Oncology  Lung cancer  Not Recommended  2013-09-25 
Velcade  Bortezomib  Janssen‑Cilag  Oncology  Multiple myeloma  Recommended  2014-04-23 
Revolade  Eltrombopag  GlaxoSmithKline  Immune System  Thrombocytopenic purpura  Recommended with Clinical Restrictions and Price Discount  2013-07-24 
Lucentis  Ranibizumab  Novartis  Eye  Pathologic myopia  Recommended with Price Discount  2013-11-27 
Krystexxa  Pegloticase  Savient Pharmaceuticals  Musculoskeletal  Gout  Not Recommended  2013-06-26 
Jetrea  Ocriplasmin  ThromboGenics  Eye  Vitreomacular traction  Recommended with Clinical Restrictions  2013-10-23 
Jakavi  Ruxolitinib  Novartis  Other  Myelofibrosis  Not Recommended  2013-06-26 
Giotrif  Afatinib  Boehringer Ingelheim  Oncology  Lung cancer  Recommended with Clinical Restrictions and Price Discount  2014-04-23 
Eylea  Aflibercept  Bayer Pharma  Eye  Macular degeneration  Recommended with Clinical Restrictions and Price Discount  2013-07-24 
Bosulif  Bosutinib  Pfizer  Oncology  Chronic myelogenous leukaemia  Not Recommended  2013-11-27 
Alimta  Pemetrexed  Eli Lilly and Company  Oncology  Lung cancer  Not Recommended  2014-04-23 
Afinitor  Everolimus  Novartis Pharmaceuticals  Oncology  Breast cancer  Not Recommended  2013-08-28 
Abilify  Aripiprazole  Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe  Mental and behavioural disorders  Bipolar disorder  Recommended  2013-07-24 

Records 1 to 14 of 14

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