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Your foremost guide to global pricing and reimbursement decisions.

Reimbursement DecisionsTM

Reimbursement DecisionsTM provides quick and easy guides to global health technology assessments and their impact on market access, pricing and reimbursement.

  • Discover what drives reimbursement decisions – by market, by indication and by product.
  • Identify trends in decisions and successful strategies.

Use the databases to learn about reimbursement decisions by NICE (UK), CDR (CAN), pCODR (CAN), IQWiG (DEU), and HAS (FRA).

Use the international comparison tool to compare decisions across HTA organizations.

Cornerstone Research Group

Reimbursement Decisions was developed by Cornerstone Research Group, which is a leader in developing evidence-based market access solutions for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

  • We maximize the market success of our client’s products by identifying, demonstrating and communicating product value.

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